The Remington Group OJT Programme

The Remington Group OJT Programme

The Remington Group commenced our On-the-Job Training Programme (OJT) on Monday 23rd of August 2021. Our OJT programme is designed to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude required in their field of study to apply in the working environment.

Five students from the Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) have joined us as part of their In-Plant Training Programme (IPT) and will be a part of our team for 9 weeks. The IPT is an immersion program that is a part of the DBTI curriculum where the students are allowed to have a hands-on experience in the working environment. This is the 2nd batch of OJT students that we have taken on board this year.

The Remington Group is excited to continue our partnership with DBTI in helping students get the appropriate hands-on experience in the workplace and increase their employability. During the 9 weeks of learning and working with our team of professionals, we challenge our OJT students to level up their technical skills, knowledge, and attitude towards work.

As a leading business house in PNG since 1948, we are fully committed to helping and providing opportunity to the next generation of Papua New Guineans to develop in their chosen fields. Remington Group CEO, Peter Goodwin, said “We are so proud to be able to lead our industry in Papua New Guinea with specialist training initiatives like this one. We are able to not only provide on the job training but then give formal trade qualifications to our successful apprentices. No one else in our industry does so. More than this, we are focussed on gender balance and providing an opportunity for PNG women, not only as trainees, but as leaders”.

The 2nd batch of students in our OJT Programme are; Lionel Hebei, Thomas Pokanau, Leonah Simbi Nawara and Juliet Dawa who are 3rd-year Electronics and Communication Students and Ernest Ovia who is a 3rd-year Information Technology student.

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