Remington Group Apprentices sign contract with NATTB

Remington Group CEO Peter Goodwin (far right), Remington Technology-Technical Training and Support Manager Andrew Schmidt (first left), and Group Operations Manager Jorge Vidal Tussell with the four junior service technicians and Mr. Arthur Geno from NATTB (in orange) after the signing of the agreement between Remington Group and NATTB at Remington Haus.

Port Moresby, November 2, 2023 In a significant step towards nurturing young talent, Remington Group officially welcomed four junior service technicians into its esteemed Apprenticeship Program. The apprentices – Lindon Tairo, Stanley Timon, Sione Mega, and Nowes Nati, specializing in electro-technology – signed a four-year agreement with Remington Group and the National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board (NATTB) on Thursday, November 2, 2023.

This collaborative agreement opens the doors for these aspiring technicians to engage in comprehensive studies and on-the-job training, providing them with opportunities to acquire new skills aligned with industry expectations within their respective trades. Currently assigned to Remington Technology’s Service Department, these apprentices will undergo a transformative four-year journey.

During the signing ceremony, Arthur Geno, Assistant Director for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for NATTB, emphasized the significance of staying focused on the apprenticeship program. “Prove to your employer that you are the best employee they have recruited and stay focused because you are here for a purpose,” advised Geno.

Lindon Tairo, one of the apprentices, shared his experience as a junior service technician, highlighting the program’s dynamic nature. “As a junior service technician in this program, apart from being trained in our workshop, I also go out and do repair jobs and monthly services on our machines. It’s a mixture of both theory and practical, and that is what I love about this program.”

Remington Group is committed to education as a core Corporate Social Responsibility and takes pride in developing highly skilled technical professionals in the country. The company aims to provide continuous support and training to these apprentices over the next four years, fostering a conducive and systematic working culture for them to acquire relevant skills and knowledge.