People of Remington- Natasha Austin.
Group Manager, Human Resources.

People of Remington- Natasha Austin.

Meet Natasha Austin, a dedicated HR practitioner who’s passionate about developing human capital. 

Natasha joined the Remington Group in 2019 and continues to work here because she finds that there is good leadership, an interactive open channel of communication and a level of trust. “I joined the company in 2019 and I am still an employee because I like to be in a supportive working environment” she explains. 

Natasha believes in John Maxwell’s philosophy of training other leaders; “good leaders never leave behind an empty chair”. Natasha explains that: “While other people like to develop roads, bridges, huge structures or some systems, I like developing people. I find joy in seeing people grow and become successful”.

Juggling work and passion.

Apart from being the Group’s Human Resources Manager, Natasha is also the President of the Young Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry (YPOMCCI), which is a sub-committee of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry whose vision is to be a premier young professional organisation that develops business and civic leaders in Port Moresby. “YPOMCCI is a good platform. This year we are implementing reforms to ensure that members are equipped with vital information or have access to resources to make informed decisions” she stated. 

When asked how she juggles work & her role with YPOMCCI Natasha responds that working with a good team is key to this. “Remington gives me some room to be involved with YPOMCCI in fact, the CEO supported my application with YPOMCCI when I first joined the association. I have a good team at work and in the YPOMCCI Committee”. 

Natasha believes more young people should take interest in associations like YPOMCCI or any other volunteering programs and expressed that; “Volunteering itself is rewarding when you know that your efforts serve a cause that will impact lives for the better”.

Natasha’s advice to young people.

 “If I were to say something to the young girl or boy who may be lacking self-confidence, suffering from parents’ separation or divorce, depression or abuse, it would be: the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt. Always try to be the best version of yourself every time. Education is not just about getting a paper, it embodies your attitude towards life and others to become self-sustaining and independent.”

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