Presentation – Pari Early Learning Centre

Presentation – Pari Early Learning Centre

The Pari Early Learning Centre, located in the NCD, enthusiastically welcomed our team’s visit on Friday morning, 16th December, together with Team Project Yumi.

Today, our FX Business Centre team and Remington Group CEO Peter Goodwin visited the Pari Early Learning Centre to officially handover the Project Yumi Plaque to the Centre’s representative, Kaia Tau.

This is a symbol of the evolving partnership between Remington Group and Project Yumi to provide much-needed books, desks, stationary and in the future, additional aid to the Early Learning Centre.

Mr Goodwin took a brief tour of the school and then pledged to support the Learning Centre with basic maintenance and office equipment.

“We’re really grateful to be able to work with Project Yumi in their efforts to assist the young children of Pari Village” said Remington Group CEO, Peter Goodwin.

The donation of books, furniture and school supplies will be a relief for the Centre’s eight teachers, who teach an average of 60 students each class.

“It is a big privilege for both the students and teachers to receive this timely donation. The students will definitely benefit from these books, and also our teachers can extract lessons from them“, said Kaia Tau, the Deputy Head Teacher.

Please visit for additional information on Project Yumi Inc, its efforts, and its positive impact in PNG.

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