Remington Group Signs MOU with Educational Institutions

The Remington Group, Don Bosco Technical School and the Port Moresby Technical College yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a partnership that will focus on providing development opportunities for our future generation. The Remington Group conducts three programs annually; our Graduate Program, Apprenticeship Program, and On-The-Job Training.

The MoU formalises a platform that allows for the Remington Group and the educational institutions to collaborate and focus on providing secondary students with On-the-job training and TVET students with training through the Apprenticeship Program, enabling them to develop their skills and expose them to the industry and their disciplines.

“We are very grateful for the relationship between Remington Group and Don Bosco,” said Fr. Pedro (Rector) from Don Bosco. “Thank you for this opportunity which will help our students gain valuable real-world experience today.”

POM Technical College Principal Mr. Henry Wamaingu and Board Chairman Mr. Kaime Kipi were both thankful to the Remington Group management, Mr Kaime Kipi expressed that “PNG depends on these young people we are grooming and shaping today and we want to ensure our students get enough training and skills. This MoU will go a long way.”

There is now a mutual understanding between all parties on the kinds of technical training required to be a member of Remington Group’s staff. This covers – Apprentices taking Extension Courses, trade testing and professional short courses, research and development of standards within PNG’s TVET Education framework and formalisation of the On-the-job training program we have already maintained for decades.

Remington Group’s CEO, Peter Goodwin says, “Seeking out young, talented Papua New Guineans provides the Group with a cadre of talent, and it also gives the new entrants the opportunity to learn skills that we normally have to bring into the country from abroad. Now we can provide our own young people with the expertise, and at the same time give them a formal qualification. It’s about the local community and the impact that we can have on these individuals and their families, long term, that really makes us proud. We can build them up, and also give back to the communities in which we operate.”

The Remington Group is committed to working together with our technical institutions to achieve our shared goals and develop our National Workforce through these initiatives.