Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry joins Remington Group’s Loyal to Local campaign

The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry (POMCCI) and the Remington Group have joined hands to actively participate in the Remington Group’s recently launched Loyal to Local Campaign.

The Loyal to Local Campaign is an initiative designed to inspire and motivate both business communities and individuals to reconsider their purchasing decisions and embrace the power of supporting local businesses. Working together, our goal is to influence our network and business partners to make a positive impact by endorsing local purchases and promoting loyalty amongst local enterprises.

Brian Riches, Consultant with the POMCCI, expresses, “We are dedicated to supporting our members and facilitating their profitability and ease of doing business. By encouraging customers to buy locally, we can significantly help them increase their trade. Local purchases contribute to employment opportunities and profits within our community. We aim to keep money circulating among our people, our city, and foster investment and employment, ensuring vibrancy for everyone. It’s commendable that Remington is taking the lead, and we will support others who join this cause and share the same passion for buying locally.”

  As part of this collaboration, the POMCCI will utilise its network and comprehensive member database to encourage our members to support the Loyal to Local Campaign. Members are encouraged to create their own activities in support of the cause and also promote new member sign-ups, which unlock a range of benefits.

Peter Goodwin, CEO of Remington Group, states, “We initiated this campaign in response to the growing trend for some PNG-based NGOs, business houses, and foreign missions to purchase goods from abroad, while expecting local service and support. In these challenging economic times, we should prioritise supporting our own. The Remington Group of companies is 100% PNG owned and supported, employing over 150 people across the nation. It’s crucial that we keep our local businesses healthy, and our people employed. We will offer significant discounts to all Loyal to Local Campaign members. Let’s all unite behind this worthy initiative—PNG Proud, Loyal to Local!”

POMCCI takes pride in collaborating with Remington Group on this initiative, firmly believing that together we can nurture a thriving local economy.

For more information and to register to the campaign, email marketing@remington.com.pg or join our Loyal to Local Facebook group.