Yvonne Mavirit, 2022 Remington Group Apprentice

Yvonne Mavirit, 2022 Remington Group Apprentice

On Thursday the 12th of May, we welcomed five young individuals selected out of over 700 applications nationwide for our 2022 Apprenticeship Program.

Meet Yvonne Mavirit, a vibrant young woman who isn’t apprehensive to take on a role in a predominantly male-dominated field. Yvonne is the only female candidate selected for our 2022 Apprenticeship Program.

Remington’s Group HR Manager says “It is a challenge in the recruitment process when you want to recruit an equal number of males and females but have more male applicants than females. There is an undeniable gap in gender balance in the technical space, and we are very happy to have Yvonne on board.  From an HR perspective, it is challenging to find and recruit suitable applicants in the technical space, especially in the print industry.  Through initiatives such as the Apprenticeship Program, we can train individuals and develop specialised skills, not only within our business but the National Labour market as a whole” Natasha Austin.

Twenty-five-old Yvonne Mavirit hails from East New Britain Province and grew up as the only female amongst a family of boys in Kokopo. In 2020 she graduated from the Port Moresby Technical College with an Electrical Engineering diploma.  “I came across the advertisement about the Remington Group Apprenticeship Program on social media, a few of my friends and family also saw the advertisement and encouraged me to apply.  My main reason for applying is because I believe it will help me enhance my skills and knowledge and equip me to pursue my goals in the electrical trade.  I was very excited when I learnt that I made it through the selection process and was selected out of over 700 applicants” Yvonne recalls.

Yvonne’s favourite pastimes include; listening to music, reading and surfing through social media. One of her favourite quotes she uses as a personal mantra is from England-based street artist, political activist and film director Banksy, who says “If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit”.   “I believe every day is a chance to better oneself.  A word of encouragement I can give to anyone who is still studying or currently looking for a job is; don’t give up, keep pushing until you make something of yourself and create something that you are proud of.” Yvonne Mavirit, Remington Group 2022 Apprentice.

The Remington Group Apprenticeship Program was initiated in 2019 and focuses on providing TVET graduates with a valuable career path.  It is a 4 – year Program in collaboration with the National Apprenticeship Trade and Testing Board.