Remington Group revamps Pari Elementary School

Remington Group revamps Pari Elementary School

Remington Group is committed to supporting the local communities we do business in. The Pari Project, initially a partnership with Project Yumi, saw the Remington Group sponsor and donate learning materials to the Pari Early Learning School. We saw firsthand that there was a greater need to do more, so the Group stepped in to revamp two classrooms, an office, and embarked on an entire school clean up.

In December last year, the Remington group CEO, Peter Goodwin presented a plaque to Kaia Tau, the Assistant Head teacher of the Pari Early Leaning Centre, stating the Groups commitment to partner with Project Yumi and support both the Early Learning Centre and Elementary school.

After three weeks of renovations and working bees led by our CEO, our managers, business leaders and employees together, Peter visited the Pari Elementary School again, this time to donate a new laptop and Konica Minolta Bizhub multifunction printer. “Remington Group focuses on giving back to the communities in which we operate, and that means contributing and doing what small few things we can, where we can. At the Pari Elementary School, we are doing our best to support the students and staff by ensuring they have a safe, clean, learning environment. The donations and support we’ve provided to the school will help teachers carry out their jobs more professionally, as they prepare lessons and much more to accommodate over 400 students. We are grateful to be able to do what we can to help”.  Peter Goodwin.

Vagi Oru, the head teacher of Pari Elementary School, expressed his happiness after the presentation, saying, “We are very excited, happy and privileged for the support given to us by the Remington Group! The laptop, printer and school supplies will greatly assist the students and the school. Thank you, Remington.” In addition, Deputy Head Teacher Kaia Tau said, “It is a big privilege for both the students and teachers to receive the timely donation. The students will highly benefit from these books, including the teachers”.

The Remington Group remains committed to supporting our local communities by investing in education and creating opportunities for the next generation. The Pari Project has made a positive impact on the Pari community. The Group is proud to be a part of this amazing effort that will help shape our future generations into successful citizens by supporting them have access to quality education through resources.
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