Remington Group Plays a Part in preparing Pari Elementary School

Remington Group Plays a Part in preparing Pari Elementary School

Remington Group’s commitment to supporting the communities in which it operates is exemplified by our recent Working Bee at Pari Elementary School. In December 2022, Remington Group partnered with Project Yumi by providing sponsorship for desks, books, and tables for the school.  

At that time, our Group CEO Peter Goodwin felt that there was a need for more help and so we put our heads together and came up with a plan. On Sunday January 14th, a team of 30 volunteers from right across the Group, including the CEO and his wife, top team, our employees and some of their spouses came together for a working bee and maintenance day at the school.

The team was divided into groups and worked on various tasks, such as cutting grass, digging proper drainage, collecting rubbish, and cleaning the roof tops. Inside the classrooms, the team completed a thorough clean and sweep of all debris and cobwebs, wiped down the interior walls, replacement of heat insulation on both classroom ceilings, supply of new light bulbs, electrical repairs and maintenance for the ceiling fans and lights, new interior walls installed in the office, and new vinyl flooring.

In addition to the maintenance work, the team also donated a school notice board, tables, bookshelves, and filing cabinet and cupboards for the office, as well as a Konica Minolta multi-functional device valued at almost K10,000 and a laptop for office use valued at K4,000. We repaired the school water tank and organised a water truck to fill up all of the empty school water supply tanks prior to the cleanup.

Head teacher Mr. Oruru expressed his gratitude for the support, saying, “In recent years, the school had been fortunate to receive support through a library donated by Buk Bilong Pikinini for the students, and it is wonderful to receive even more support from the Remington Group before the 2023 school year commences.”

The Remington Group is dedicated to supporting its local communities, as best it can, in various ways, and this initiative at Pari Elementary School is just one small example of how the company is doing so. We are committed to further follow-up work over the coming weeks, so we can make sure the early learning centre is in the best possible condition for Pari’s young children, and staff prior to 2023 school year kickoff.