Remington Group Apprentices Get Certified: A Milestone in Career Development

Remington Group Apprentices Get Certified: A Milestone in Career Development

The Remington Group is proud to announce that our third batch of Apprentices under our Apprenticeship Program are now recognised Apprentices in the country. Yesterday (23rd March 2023) five of our Service Technicians from our business units Remington Technology, FX Business Centre and BizPrint & Scan achieved a milestone in their careers by signing their Apprenticeship contract with the National Trade and Testing Board (NATTB).

The Remington Group Apprenticeship Program is facilitated in collaboration with the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR) through the National Apprenticeship Trade and Testing Board (NATTB). William Tiru, Quality Assurance Accreditation Officer at NATTB expressed his concern that there was a decline in the past year with organisations registering new apprentices and he is pleased that the Remington Group has continued with this program.

The certification program is offered by the Remington Group through its different business units and is a rigorous process that ensures the apprentices get the appropriate training and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in their chosen field.
“We are thrilled to see our apprentices achieve this important milestone’, said Peter Goodwin, Remington Group CEO. “A 100% PNG owned Group, we are absolutely committed to helping the next generation achieve their dreams. This certification demonstrates their dedication to their craft and commitment to their future careers”.

Out of the five apprentices, Yvonne Mavirit is the only female service technician. “To finally sign up as an Apprentice makes me very happy and proud as the only female today in this male-dominated field. Thank you to the Remington Group for giving me this opportunity, I am learning new things every day on the job through hands-on training, guidance from the senior service technicians and online training”.

Natasha Austin, Remington Group HR Manager says “We are committed to providing our apprentices with the best possible training and support, this certification is a reflection of their commitment, and we look forward to seeing our apprentices continue to grow and succeed in their careers.”

The apprenticeship program is just one example of the many opportunities the Remington Group offers to young individuals in this country.
Figure 1 (L-R) William Tiru (Quality Assurance Accreditation Officer – NATTB, Apprentices Dama Jnr Kuman & Emmanuel Kirimota – BizPrint & Scan, Pombra Kunjip & Yvonne Mavirit – FX Business Centre, Frankie Moi – Remington Technology & Cecilia So’on – Remington Group HR.