People of Remington- Jaycel Toasi
Jaycel Toasi. Remington Technology Branch Manager, Kimbe.

People of Remington- Jaycel Toasi

Meet our Kimbe Branch Manager Jaycel Toasi. Jaycel comes from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and has been working in Kimbe for the last 13 years.  She joined Remington Technology straight after college and has been with the company ever since. “This was my very first job.  At first, it was a big challenge for me, however, with self-commitment I took on the opportunity and built my way up” Jaycel recalls.

Jaycel believes hard work, passion and commitment are the keys to being successful in life. “I believe, having the drive and commitment to better oneself is important and that’s how you can prosper in life. Life is a roller coaster, take every opportunity that comes your way and make the best out of it” she affirms.

As someone who holds a leadership role in the workplace, Jaycel believes leadership is about having a vision and working hard to achieve that vision by encouraging and motivating your team to work together. She states that: “It is important to encourage your team. One of the reasons that I have been working with Remington for this long is the Company’s work ethic and the management’s mentorship and support”.

Jaycel is not only passionate about her job and personal achievement but also about helping and supporting her team. “What drives me is seeing staff able to work and achieve positive results after being faced with challenges and having learnt from their mistakes. One of the biggest challenges we have faced as a team is making and meeting budget amidst the Covid-19 pandemic” She explains.

When Jaycel is not at work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and enjoys the perks of working and living in a beautiful Town like Kimbe.

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