People of Remington- Bemu Hebore

People of Remington- Bemu Hebore

Meet Bemu Hebore, one of the most hard-working staff you will meet here at the Remington Haus, Spring Garden Road, Gordons. Hailing from Tatana in the Central Province she joined the company in November 2020 and has since been an invaluable member of our team.

Bemu is attached with our Properties and Fleet Department and takes care of all our housekeeping needs here.

The first thing you will notice about Bemu when you meet her is her smile and friendly demeanour. She is soft-spoken and always on the go. You will always find her working and can clearly tell that she is someone who holds her job in high regard.

Bemu recalls how hopeful she was to get a job when she dropped off her application with the company late last year. she had been unemployed for a while and that was hard on her and her family. Bemu has two beautiful daughters who attend high school. “I remember clearly that day I received a call from the HR that my application was successful and I would start work immediately, I believe my daughters were more excited than I was after that phone call” she chuckles.

Every organization needs a Bemu, someone who takes pride in whatever job title they have because everyone’s role in a company is equally important for a business to function and prosper.

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