Remington Group Graduate Development Program- People of Remington.
Jerome Malaha. Technical Service Graduate, Remington Group GDP.

Remington Group Graduate Development Program- People of Remington.

The Remington Group has been serving Papua New Guinea since 1948 and today our group of companies is firmly focused on the development of our national workforce and providing job opportunities for young Papua New Guineans when they graduate from higher institutions. 

The Remington Group Graduate Development Program (GDP) is a four-year program that was initiated in 2019 and received its first intake late that year. It involves an induction program, hands-on training, learning through stints in and exposure to other departments or businesses in the group. It allows a graduate to be matched with a mentor- who is an industry expert based on his or her skills and interests.

The Remington Group also has an Apprenticeship Programme aimed at providing TVET graduates with technical disciplines. The company is facilitating this program in collaboration with the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR) through the National Apprenticeship Trade and Testing Board.

Graduate Feedback on the Programme.

Jerome Malaha, an aspiring network Engineer, is one of the Graduates attached to the Remington Group’s GDP Programme. Hailing from the Gulf Province, Jerome graduated with a Bachelor in Information Technology from Don Bosco Technological Institute in 2020.

In the short time that Jerome has been with the Remington Group, he has learnt a great deal from his mentor, Magnum Voi Puana.  Jerome has gained in-depth knowledge regarding network printer setups, solving ichrist21 user issues and remotely accessing users from other centres to solve their problems. 

Among the many things that Jerome enjoys about this Programme, is the support and friendliness of everyone in the company, the team’s support makes his day less stressful and much more enjoyable, especially when attending to an IT issue.   As a graduate trainee, it gets challenging as sometimes it takes him a long time to solve challenges, but our staff are always patient.

Jerome believes the experience he is gaining from our GDP programme will enhance his skills and knowledge and create a pathway for him in the profession he is very passionate about.

Jerome regards himself as very fortunate to be a part of The Remington Group’s GDP programme and is grateful for this opportunity.  He recommends graduates apply for these types of programs to enhance their skills and learn something new. 

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